Advantages and disadvantages of Phenq pills

PhenQ is considered as a pharmaceutical-grade product for weight loss. It is manufactured by ERGO Group Limited. As the product claims that it helps bump up the mood, burn off fat, restrain appetite boost energy levels and wedge the production of fat. Let’s have a look whether product claims are true or not.

Benefits of phenq pills

  • Proves to be a superior product than other weight loss product.
  • Burns stubborn fat.
  • Helps curb appetite that decreases your wish to intake more food.
  • Blocks new fat cell production.
  • Prevents carbohydrate absorption.
  • Improves your mood and provides energy to your body.
  • The high-quality formula that is made in GMP and FDA approved facilities.
  • Online testimonials.
  • Provides quicker results.
  • No serious side effects.
  • 100 percent natural ingredients are used.phenq-diet-pills-for-women-before-after

Drawbacks of this product

Like every weight loss products in the market Phenq pills also have certain limitations:

  • Should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Should not be used by kids under 18.
  • People with pre-existing diseases like diabetes; cardio problem etc. should not intake this product.
  • Another limitation of this product is that it is not available in the market. You have to buy it from the official website.
  • Results do take some time.

Phenq for sale and price chart

It is reasonably priced in compared to other weight loss products. Following is the price chart:

  • 1 month supply of this pills costs- $69.95(60 pills)
  • 3 month supply costs- $139.90(180 pills)
    • 5 months’ supply costs- 4189.95(300 pills)

    5 months’ supply includes a bottle of free raspberry ketones.


    Phenq coupon is a 3 in 1 benefit product. It is backed by a hassle free 100% 60-day money back guarantee. So you should definitely try this product as it does not have any serious side effects rather is much more efficient than other weight loss products.