Best LinkedIn profiles is a social networking service for professionals

LinkedIn is a social networking service for the people who have professional occupations. There are many best LinkedIn profiles tips for job seekers and employers posting jobs. LinkedIn headquarter is situated in Sunnyvale, California US and its offices are expanded in many countries like -Los Angles, London, San Francisco, Dubai, Hong Kong, India, New York, Canada, Japan China and many other countries. It provides an opportunity to make LinkedIn profiles and connections among people in an online social network for professional networking.

How to create a LinkedIn account?

First of all, it’s important to make an account then how to set up a LinkedIn profile for business purpose. To create an account, follow simple instructions –

• First, go to the LinkedIn official link and complete the given entries like your name, email and a secure password. Then click on ‘join now’ box.
• Confirm your account through the email address and get the start.
• Then edit profile to add a profile picture underneath your name.
• Provide your past and current employment as well as education in short and informative way.
• Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile time to time and used only professional photos.
Connect professionally with LinkedIn

To connect with people, you can search then through an email address, their name, job title or company. You can link your company’s website, blog or twitter account and other personal websites, job details to allow visitors to see your many aspects of the profession. If you are searching a new job through LinkedIn, you will need at least three recommendations, for this, you can ask to be recommended to your former colleagues. You can also add applications and share your files and presentation. For more information, you can follow more linkedin profile tips.