Football – The game of skill

Football is a team sport, which has to be played with skill and strategy. The game is loved the world over and has a huge fan back all over the world. With the advent of media and Internet the fans now have an access to a lot of information about the teams they follow, like the information of their players, their strength and weaknesses etc. Football news has been covered by all leading dailies and news channel across the world. The fans want more and more information about their game and football is a real TRP gainer.

The craze of the game is such that football predictions are being made all across the world. Fans and media are now predicting every match like who has a better chance to win basis their world ranking, players in the team and how aggressively they have been playing in the tournament. Ranking is the most popular way of predicting the top teams with the expectations that top teams have better chances of winning the game. There are around eight ranking systems across the nations few popular ones are FIFA world rankings, World Football Elo Ratings, International Mark and more. The football ranking systems are already in place where teams are assigned a rank based on their past game results. Predictions are also sometimes made about the outcome of the match based on these rankings.

The excitement of the game has increased multifold with a fan participating in predicting about number of goals scored, who scores it and even what time of the game the goal is scored. In several countries betting is not allowed however people are doing small time betting with their family and friends and even going and placing Football bets online and thus the game has become more immersive to fans.

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