How multitasking can slow down your mac?

If you are trying to diagnose your Mac’s performance issues and have just one question on your mind; “Why is my mac so slow all of a sudden”, don’t freak out. It could have simply slowed down temporarily because you just gave it too much to handle.

Sometimes, when you use very complicated programs like Adobe Photoshop, some music rendering software or an image editing software and use such software in tandem with your usual activities like browsing or listening to music, your Mac’s CPU and memory gets over loaded and then eventually crashes, because it didn’t get a little of respite it needed.
In such cases, all you have to do is close a couple of apps or even just actively work on only one app rather than toggling between applications. Once you begin to cut back on your multi-tasking, you will notice that your Mac slowly gets up to speed and then becomes normal. However, if scaling back on multi-tasking doesn’t fix your issues, it could mean that your mac has more serious problems. If you are wondering why my Mac is suddenly running slow, you might have to do a more thorough investigation than what is suggested in this post.
One of the biggest reasons for a mac to slow down is when the operating system or OS X isn’t functioning properly. It could just mean that you need to update the OS X via an over the air update that is available from Apple. There have been several instances where Apple releases bugs to fix performance issues in its own OS X, on a continuous basis, even if the OS X came out almost a year ago. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your OS X updated.
If your OS X is fine and you still have issues, it could just mean that you need new hardware. The programs you are using now might be too resource hungry and your Mac’s hardware might just not be enough anymore. In such cases, only a hardware upgrade will help you.