How to choose the location of your new home

Whether it is supposed to be an investment or an upgrade of lifestyle, buying a home is a very important decision. And while there are several points to consider, location is one of the chief. Here are some pointers which might help you with your decision –

Geographic – Just choosing the suburb or city or the rural side is not enough. When you think of a home and you have a family or are planning to have one, you need to consider if there are schools, entertainment centers, medical services etc. nearby. If you are in Singapore, you might want to consider The Clement Canopy. It is very near to NUS High School of Mathematics and Science. Being in a good school district is very important for your children. Their coming and going to the school is taken care of as well as the standard of education.
You also need to see how you would be travelling to and from your work place. The commute time is one key point to ponder. The clement canopy is very close to the Clementi Central and MRT station. So you have the ease of public transport. Not only that, it is also close to the Ayer Rajah Expressway, the Clementi Road and Commonwealth West Avenue if you are looking at private transportation.
Safety –
It goes without saying that safety needs to be thought of. Whether you are single, a couple or plan to have a family, safety should be the number one consideration. A good and secure place would be good for you as a family and also for reselling purposes.
Family and friends –
If you are the kind of person who needs his family and friends around, then maybe you should think about living near them. However, this cannot be the only reason for choosing a home, as you never know who needs to move and for what reasons.