How to choose the right diesel generator

Even though there are many types of generators on the market, the most important thing when buying a generator is to ensure that you select the right type. The best diesel generators today come in an array of sizes. The power supply capacities of different types of generators now range from 5kW to over 50kW. These sizes are small and this means that such generators can be used at home to power up different electric components. Industrial generators on the other hand have sizes that range from 50kW and can go to 3 Megawatts.

You must know what type of generator you want because a generator can be either diesel or petrol driven. Engines on most generators are also different. Some engines require that the generator should be started using a rope. This mechanism is the same one you will find on lawnmowers. There are also other engines that can be started using a switch. An important point to underhand about the diesel generator onan is that the machine will start to generate power immediately the engine starts. When this happens, the power will be stabilized to around 220 volts. This will continue until wattage or load is connected. For this reason, it is very crucial that you first determine the wattage or load that will be connected before buying a generator.

The biggest mistake most people make when buying the onan 10000 quiet diesel generator is to undersize the generator. Under sizing, a generator has the potential of damaging the generator. In addition, under sizing can damage any assets that are connected to the machine. Choosing the correct size is important because it will prevent the creation of hazardous situations. The right size will also ensure that the overall productivity of the generator is not limited. The rule of thumb is to make sure that you buy a generator of a higher size than what you actually need.