In maintaining optimum health matcha green tea is without equal

Among all the nationalities of the world, Chinese are the ones who know what they should ingest to keep themselves healthy and live long. And, green tea is a concept that they have introduced to the world. Truly, owing to its innumerable benefits the popularity of green tea has spread far and wide, and is the most consumed beverage today. Every individual will fall for a product that comes packed with benefits to meet present day health dilemmas. Now, green tea lovers have a newer variation to try. It is the matcha green tea. This concept of milling tealeaves and converting it into fine powder that is whisked away in water and consumed. However, there is no match for the matcha tea powder that comes from the country of the rising sun, Japan. Some of the regions in Japan that are considered to be the most popular regions that cultivate best matcha are Nishio, Uji, Kyushu and Shizuoka. The uniqueness lies in the harvesting of this tea. The bushes of matcha are covered and shaded from direct sunlight 20 days before, harvesting. The matcha powder is made from tencha leaves that have to go through stringent growing process.

The tea made from green matcha powder has a uniquely different taste. As during its growing stage, it is shaded from receiving 100% sunlight, the leaves growth is slowed down and this boosts the production of the amino acids that give this organic matchatea a unique taste. Consuming matcha green tea helps to calm your mind and also aids in boosting metabolism and helps in burning calories too. It is very well known that this wonderful matcha tea powder has no match when it comes to maintaining one’s optimum health.

If you are looking for an option to fight against disease and infections, you better equip your body with the potent and unique class of antioxidants called catechins that matcha green tea contains.