Kik sexting: An addition to sociology

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Kik has grown to be a major tool used in communication these days and is giving a good fight with present competitors like Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter etc… The popularity of the application has reached great heights mostly because of kik sexting which the youth uses to gossip with their counterpart.
Usage Statistics
The growing popularity of the application has reached such height that its daily usage often crosses the daily use of Twitter. It has approximately 100 million daily users and around 30 minutes on an average is spent by every user per day. The app was launched in September 2011. It has the record of about 9000 photos being shared every second with Ireland being the greatest share holder. It has about 5% of the total selfie count. Kik’s total revenue was found to be 3 million dollars in 2014 and in 2015 it was projected to be about 50 million.
Why kik
Using kik as a texting tool is very much entertaining for its users as they fill the messages with funny snaps along with pre-designed captions so that they can grab the attention of the receiver. There’s an addition of many new features which is brought forward with every update of the application. Users with kik usernames has now got a memory feature through which they can keep and see the snap for a longer time. It’s not surprising to see that many college students use this tool.
Know your limits
Kik has grown a lot from where it has begun. Many users primarily use this tool because the content automatically destroys after a specific period as decided by the user. The users having their sexting usernames are often found to send or receive sexually explicit contents, but it is advisable to control their emotions as nothing is secure over the net. Every tool has its pros and cons and you must judgementally perform your act.