Kim Dao tells it like it is

The truth about kimdao that many people do not like or find a little challenging is that she tells the truth just as it is. When she is asked questions by her followers and readers, she makes it clear to them what they need to know, and that is it. This is what makes her a real star. Many bloggers and vloggers do not appreciate the fact that they need to stay true to their readers and make sure they are provided with all answers that they need. It is true that there are some answers that you cannot clearly give to readers in plain terms.

However, Kim has a way of making sure that everything of that sort is handled and handled with care. She sincerely tells them what is on the ground and how they can make the right decisions through recommendations, she gives. Also, she gives her readers information on brand names and other products that they can consider in place of what they asked for that she has no idea about. That is a real genius marketer right there. Kimdao has shown the business world that she is always ready to stick it out for them, and she even recommends those brands and businesses that have no affiliation with her, but she clearly believes are worth introducing to others.

That is how great of a heart she has. What some people do is to stick to what they know and think is best with regards to the fact that, they only mention the names of brands that are affiliated with them and pay them some cash and that is very sad. If you really want to be a blogger with the kind of heart like Kim Dao, you need to be ready to be selfless.