Travelling With Figure Skates

Since 9/11, ice skates are now considered a dangerous thing and haven’t been permitted as carry-on luggage on commercial air carriers. I am unsure why.

Generally, the single people who tend to get injured by skates will be their partners, or the people who are really wearing them. To be honest, I Have only ever flown with my skates twice, but neither time did I have a schism turn or side to try by side flying camel combo with me. For both flights, the staff was firm regarding the skates being assessed.

One time, the woman in the Air Canada check-in counter had a daughter in competitive figure skating. She realized that no, we could not simply go purchase a new pair and use those and how much the skates were worth, if the skates got sent to Timbuktu instead of Toronto. My repeated requests to “please take great care of them” were sympathetically received.

as soon as I arrived at my destination, it was nerve racking waiting for my ice skates bag to come down the chute. It was quite clear which of the recent arrivals were in town for the Canadian Adult Figure Skating Championships, we all were like expectant dads waiting for the luggage carousel chute to give birth to our skate bags that are special.

Occasionally, should you be transferring to a smaller commuter airplane (the type which you have to really walk outside and scale steps to board) you might get the luxury of truly seeing your skate bag being loaded. I really had a gate representative gratify my paranoia and I would like to go and look to find out whether it had been inside the airplane (it was!).