Types of eyeglasses for your eyes

When you are talking of eyeglasses you must realize that there are several kinds of eyeglasses that are available in the market.images-13

Corrective eyeglasses

These are Kate spade eyeglasses that are designed to correct your vision in case there is a problem with your eyes. If you have near sightedness or far sightedness or nystagmus, you will have to wear these glasses. The lens used in these glasses help the light to enter the lens of your eye at the right angle so that you are able to see things around you clearly. These lenses and glasses could be made of glass or synthetic material and may have the properties like anti-glare, anti-dust, anti-scratch and hydrophobic.

Safety eyeglasses

The eyeglasses serve many purposes for the people of today. One of those is to keep your eyes safe from various damages in various types of environments. Many of the industries that employ people to work with electricity, fire, water and high intensity light need to provide the employees with safety gear including the eyewear. These are generally break resistant and have side shields so that your eyes are protected from all the sides.


This is the most popular type of eyewear that can be bought by anyone. Kate spade eyeglasses for protection from sun do not need prescription of any kind. However, if you want the lenses of a particular power be attached to these glasses you have to make special request. They are designed to restrict the amount of sunrays reaching your eyes due to the tint used in the glass which acts as a UV light barrier. You can even opt for the photo-chromatic eyeglasses that darken on contact with sunlight. There are various shades in which you can wear your Kate spade eyeglasses depending upon your requirement.